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Key Features:

  • 8×E7-4800v3 8800v3
  • 192 DIMM
  • 16×2.5” SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap
  • 4×1Gb
  • 26 PCI-E
  • Tested and Certified OS:
    • Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11
    • Centos 6.4
    • Solaris 11
    • VMWare ESXi Server 5.5
  • 36 Month Warranty

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TS860G3 is the third generation of Inspur’s industry leading 8-way high performance server. The Intel Xeon processor based server embodies leading edge high speed interconnects technology in its design. It includes more than 60 RAS features with unmatched reliability that reaches 99.999%. Inspur’s TS860G3 is the most powerful 8-way server on the market to date, with remarkable reliability. It is the server of choice for mission critical applications and industries such as finance, telecom, government, energy, transportation, etc. where performance and reliability is critically important.


New design and leading performance

Compare to its predecessor, the third generation high performance TS860G3 has twice the computing performance, five times the IO bandwidth and six times the memory capacity. It meets or exceeds the stringiest requirements for kernel mode database, virtualization, business intelligence analytics, HPC and other mission critical applications. The server supports up to a total of eight Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3 processors, each with 45M last level cache, providing a maximum of 144 physical cores or 288 hyper-threads. TS860G3 indeed packs a tremendous amount of computing power in a relatively small package.


Extensive application without

With 192 DDR4 ECC memory DIMMs that totals to a whopping 12TB of memory, Inspur’s TS860G3 is designed to meet the most memory hungry applications of all kinds. The expandability of up to 26 PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots provides the capacity and flexibility for most system IO bandwidth requirements. The 16 hot-swappable SAS / SATA / SSD drives along with up to 4 internal mSATA SSDs provide the capacity of more than 130TB of storage. In terms of price-performance, system capacity, and reliability, TS860G3 offers the most attractive TCO on the market.

In addition to the standard configuration of an 8-way server, TS860G3 can be configured as two 4-way partitions, forming two independent 4-way nodes in a single 8U chassis, optionally in HA configuration. Each partition, or node has a separate set of hardware resources that is completely isolated from each other physically. This allows businesses the flexibility of customizing the server in dual system fashion based on needs, thus expanding the way investment can be utilized, scaled, and deployed. TS860G3 supports the most popular virtualization software on the market and is ideal for creating high performance and highly reliable cloud-computing platform. TS860G3 supports the latest Intel Run Sure technology based on Xeon E7-8800 v3 family processors with which both CPU and memory are integrated with comprehensive fault tolerance measures. The IO modules support hot replacement and fault isolation such that IO devices can be replaced easily. The power scheme has multiple redundancy features built-in, such as dual power feeds, PSU standby mode, N+M/N+N configurations to achieve high level of power reliability. The multilevel redundant front access fan system allows for up to two fans to fail without affecting system operation. The management module supports 1 +1 redundancy, eliminating single point of failure on the management system.


Uniquely designed, secure, reliable, and energy efficient

ITS860G3 is fully modularized in which key parts all adopt redundancy design to eliminate single point of failure. The design implements more than 60 RAS features, from chip-level, link-level, module-level, to system-level. The Inspur Real-time Status Monitor System (RSMS) provides visual indication on the front panel for system operation and utilization status dynamically. The storage controller slots in the integrated IO modules provide a dedicated area for HBA and RAID devices. Additionally, the system allows for redundant controller configuration. The design completely separates storage from system resources, allowing users’ data storage to achieve high degree of isolation. The system can be used as a highly reliable and secured storage server. The customized last-in-last-out high-efficiency AC power supplies support AC power sources of 90-264 VAC, and is suitable for a wide range of AC power source schemes. The power system allows for dual power source feed and multiple redundant configurations including N+M/N+N. With an optional BBU (power backup unit), the system is guaranteed to provide up to five minutes of uninterrupted operation upon AC power outage. The power supply system supports cold redundancy mode, that is, upon light load, some of the PSUs are placed in hibernation to reduce power consumption while others operate in optimal power efficiency region. When system workload increases, more PSUs will automatically be placed back into service. TS860G3’s power system is one of the most energy efficient systems in its class.


Easy operation of monitoring and management

Leveraging some of the best design principles of Inspur’s flagship World’s Fastest 32-way Super Computer, TS860G3 integrates Inspur’s innovative 1+1 redundant management platform – TianSuo Management Controller (TSMC) into the system. TSMC effectively reduces management bus load and ensures management system is always operating in a highly efficient manner.

TS860G3 is fully compliant with IPMI 2.0 and supports KVM over IP, SOL, WoL, SNMP, etc., providing monitoring functionalities across extensive system resources and system alerts such that faulty components and abnormal behavior can quickly be identified. The management system includes support of offline fault diagnosis. The Process Lightbar on the front panel dynamically reflects system startup status and CPU utilization and temperature once system has booted up. Finally, the OLED monitor on the front panel can be customized to display conveniently desired system information. TS860G3 can also be equipped with a HD smart management system, allowing a useful user interface to the underlying hardware. The HD display provides an excellent visual interface. Starting from boot-up onward, the HD smart management system brings device temperature, hard disk condition, fan speed, and case temperature all to the forefront, making management of the whole system easy and straight forward.


Form Factor 8U Rackmount Server
Last Level Cache 20MB-45MB
QPI Speed 6.4GT/s-9.6GT/s
Memory 192 DIMMs in 16 memory modules for up to 12TB memory
Hard Disk Controller 12G 3008/3108 IO controller with optional BBU
Raid 1/0/10/5/50/6/60
Number of Hard Disk Up to 16x 2.5″ hot-swap SAS/SATA/SSD
I/O Expansion slot 26x PCI-E 3.0 slots
Integrated I/O port Front: 2x USB ports. 1 serial port
Rear: 2x USB ports, 1 VGA port
Networking 4x 1GbE ports (support I/OAT2, VMDQ, network redundancy, load balancing,
and other advanced network features), 1GbE dedicated management port
Power Supply Up to 8x platinum PSU, support N+M and N+N configurations
Display Controller Onboard integrated display controller
Floppy Drive Standard configuration of virtual floppy drive via USB interface
Management IPMI2.0, KVM over IP, SOL, SNMP
Inspur Server Management Suite
Customizable OLED display screen for selected system information, optional HD smart management system
Leading 1+1 redundant management platform
Supported OS Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit
Windows Server 2012 64bit
Redhat Enterprise Linux Server6 update 0,1,2,3 64bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 64bit
CentOS 6.4 64bit
Vmware ESXi Server 5.0/5.5
Solaris 11 64bit
Inspur K-UX 2.2 64bit
Temperature in operating
AC input 100VAC-240VAC, 240VDC
Dimensions 830mm x 444mm x 352mm or 32.7”x 17.5” x 13.9” (LxWxH)