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Modular DataCenter

Launched in April, 2011, SmartCloud MDC is a complete integrated Datacenter in one container with:

IT racks, power (UPS/battery), refrigeration, firefighting/ security and monitoring systems,

even standby diesel generator.


Quick deployment


Self-contained all-in-oneModular DC


Flexible configuration ondemand


Use upon arrival


Applicable for all sizes ofDC construction – small,medium and large


Green and energyefficient: PUE of 1.02~1.25



Reduce power and cooling costby 25%+, reduce occupied spaceby 15%, reduce total cost ofDatacenter operations by15%


Available in 20’ or 40’containers, or asin-building units


Inspur SmartCloud MDC Layout and Design

Cold and hot aisle sealing thermal effect diagram

Inspur Modular Air Conditioner System / Water Cooling

  • Can accommodate high density and high heat nodes, including server blades and GPU servers.
  • Sealed structure – will not get affected by environmental humidity and temperature.
  • Refrigerating capacity for a single unit is up to 50KW with self-control features and low noise operation.

Inspur SmartCloud MDC Achieves Best PUE & TCO

  • One-time investment on cooling equipment
  • One-time investment on power equipment
  • Large construction cost
  • High vacancy rate
  • Subsection investment on cooling equipment
  • Subsection investment on power equipment
  • Greatly reduce construction cost
  • High use ratio

Total Operation

Cost reduces by 10%+

Modular Container Datacenter Spec

Features Description
Compute andStorage unit Application specific Compute and Storage nodes in fully integrated racks are customizable per requirement.
Power unit Max. power 160KWMin. power 50KWExternal power supply 380V
Power and Cooling Capacity Max. refrigerating power 160KWPower per rack 20KWWater cooling 7°C at the lowest
Management Unit In-Cloud OS V1.0
Environmental Specifications Load-bearing capacity: 20tHumidity: 0-100%RHTemperature: -40-60°CDimensions: 6m*2.5m*2.5mMax. weight: 20t; min. weight: 5t